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Are we in a recession?

We touch briefly on second quarter earnings, report on the Federal Reserve’s July policy action, share some details on second quarter GDP, and offer a view on volatility and markets looking forward.

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Keeping Composure Despite Challenges: Investment Strategy Brief

2022 has been a tough year for investors. As we pass midyear, we take a look back at what happened and why, and we then share reasons investors should keep composure despite these challenges and be more optimistic looking forward.

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Potomac Perspective

Senator Manchin surprised Washington by announcing a deal on a reconciliation bill that is broader than expected. The CHIPS Act was passed in the House and is now headed to President Biden’s desk for his signature. 

Federal Reserve to Potentially Soften Pathway as Recession Lurks

With inflation still too high and the economy beginning to show signs of waning momentum, what is the future pathway for Fed policy?

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