Futuristic mechanical circuit board with a digital data flowing


The future of artificial intelligence is now What does that say about the future?

We briefly explain ChatGPT and other competing services, relate these to our long-term investment theme framework, and offer some perspectives on the future, with both optimism and caution

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A Range of Views Emerge

We discuss the prospect for recession and the possible scenarios that may unfold amidst the ongoing uncertainties surrounding inflation, monetary policy, bank troubles, and the debt ceiling.

The Consumer Remains Resilient, for Now

Americans are still spending. Despite a significant increase in rates and a growing threat of recession, consumers have proven surprisingly resilient at the start of the year. At the same time, consumers are more indebted than ever, drawing down savings and ramping up credit card usage.

Potomac Perspective

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, a debt ceiling deal might be announced in the next 48 hours.  If Washington fails to reach a deal in the next few days, policymakers have some contingency plans – especially for the banking system. We take a look at a few of these plans.

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