White and grey abstract background; An Update on the Banking Sector

Client Webinar Replay

An Update on the Banking Sector

View the replay where we discussed the recent bank failures, the federal response, and our views looking forward. 

Glimpses of Optimism Fade Investment Strategy Brief

We discuss how firmer inflation in January and some positive economic data are causing early 2023 investor optimism to fade.

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Systematic Breakdown vs. Individual Failures, and the Pursuit of Price Stability

From an inflation standpoint, there remains solid support for the Federal Reserve to continue to raise rates in an effort to reinstate price stability. Of course, for monetary officials, policy decisions are never black and white nor are they made in a vacuum without a broader assessment of the economy and market conditions.

Potomac Perspective

Beyond the immediate impact on the banking industry, the current situation could impact policy and markets in numerous ways.  The debt ceiling debate, the future of the Federal Reserve, coordination among global banking regulators, and the 2024 election are all intertwined and affected by events in the banking system.

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