Investment Strategy Brief

Caution or Optimism: Can AI Counter a Potential Economic Slowdown?

We delve into continued inflationary pressures, Fed policy, and the health of the U.S. consumer. We also examine the rally in commodity prices, the global election supercycle, and related investment implications.


Outlook 2024 | Embracing Change

Entering 2024, we observe several enduring changes in the post-pandemic world that may well require a recalibration of market expectations. In this month’s Investment Strategy Brief, we look back at 2023 and review our outlook for the year on inflation, monetary policy, the economy, and markets.

First Quarter Earnings Season: Insights Into Forward Guidance

Earnings season, where companies report results for the previous quarter, provides views into recent results and company management’s forward guidance, or view as we look forward. We share a brief update as the first quarter 2024 earnings season begins.

Quarterly Market Perspectives

We review the prior quarter's capital market returns and economic developments in this context of our outlook and asset allocation themes.

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