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Finding Some Balance Abroad: U.S. – China Relations and Ukraine War

We provide a brief update on some areas of geopolitics that have risked moving in the wrong direction and creating imbalances here and abroad.


2022 Midterm Election Part 2 Replay

In the second session in our two-part webinar series, Stifel Chief Washington Policy Strategist Brian Gardner recapped the election results and discussed what they mean for future legislation and other areas of focus in DC.

Acknowledging Lag Effect, the Fed Indicates More Work to be Done and Ultimately Higher Rates

As expected, the Federal Reserve (Fed) opted to raise rates an additional 75 basis points (bps) last week. The November statement focused on the lag in which policy impacts the real economy, suggesting a possible “pivot” to smaller-sized rate hikes may soon be deemed appropriate, even as early as next month.

Potomac Perspective

The GOP is likely to nominate Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-California) as the party’s nominee for House Speaker, but he will probably fail to gain today the 218 votes that will ultimately be needed to win the Speakership in January.

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