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A First Look at the Calculus of the 2024 Presidential Election

We discuss the four phases of a presidential election and some early observations for 2024.

Fiscal Transition - Tensions Continue

Is the Federal Reserve (Fed) finished with its latest rate hiking program? We are seeing more signs of cooling inflation and a stronger-than-expected economy, but elevated geopolitical tensions and the Fiscal Transition persist. 

Markets Recover on Inflation Relief: 2023 Is Proving to Be Quite a Ride

November 20, 2023

The recent October inflation reports showed progress. Sometimes it is tempting to focus in on one issue, one report, and the immediate market reaction. But 2023 has been filled with a variety of such reports and events that have driven market direction. We briefly review the market dynamics in 2023 and share some details about cooling inflation.

Potomac Perspective

Even though the annual spending bills have been punted into 2024, Congress faces a packed schedule in December.

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